1. Project analysis

In-dept analysis of the project is essential to maximize the changes of success. At Basic we have well educated and experienced team with a lot of experience in project management for the corporate sector. The scale of the project is accessed and cost analysed are done. Once all aspects of the project have been analysed than we do a time plan where bigger projects or split into layers. We work closely with our customers and seek solutions that bring the most value each time. Our philosophy is quite simple, we analyse the scale and estimated cost and compare it with the expected return of the project.

2. We present our offer / Cost Estimation

After completing our analysis we present our offer which can be either a fixed price or most commonly a estimate of work hours with a timeline for deadlines. We draw up a short description of all the different work elements involved in the project.

3. Design

When we get to this part we already have a rough idea on how the design of the website will be. We also listen closely to the wishes of the buyer and get his/hers approval on the design before we start programming the site.

4. Programming / Coding

We program all our websites in WordPress which is the most popular web-system on the market today. WordPress is an open source system which is very user friendly so training staff to input photos and content is pretty straight forward and something we will assist you with. Other great advantages of using WordPress is that it is very safe and offers a lot of ready made solutions which saves money and effort.  Using an open source web system like WordPress gives you the freedom to change a service provider and any time without having to start again from scratch. We at Basic have a lot of experience in WordPress and Bókun.is booking system so we can help you to build a great website at a very reasonable price.

5. Content input / Training

 It is really important that certain guidelines are followed in relation to inputting of content onto websites. The content should be clear and well written and the ratio between photos and text should be balanced so that Google will rank your website as high and possible. Of course there are a lot of different components to consider in relation to SEO (search engine optimization) and content is on one of them, but an important one. We pass on our knowledge to you and your staff on the basic guidelines to follow. We can also assist you as much as you like in relation to content input and management.  Last but not least we set up and teach you how to use Google Analytics so that you can track the traffic on your website and analyse it´s development.

 6. The Launch of the website

This is always an exciting milestone in every project, launching a new or a redesigned website. This doesn’t necessarily mean the the project is completed, but it means that it is well on its way and a solid foundation has been completed. Launching a new website also creates a good marketing opportunity and should always be supported by a good marketing campaign.

7. Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Search engine optimization is really the key to success and the single most important component in any website that is selling or any product or service. To make a really good website is only the foundation on which the house is build on, whats the point in making a fantastic product if nobody knows that it exists? SEO is made out of many different complements and nobody really knows (unless probably a few Google employees) it in detail plus that Google is continually changing their algorithm so what may have worked great last month might not necessary work that great next month. How much focus and effort should be put in SEO all depends on the underlying business and the aim of a website. We work closely with international SEO specialists and can therefore offer you a range of different packages in relation to search engine optimization.

8. After service

Most websites are continually in development, just at different paces. We at Basic always look at building long term relationships with our clients and are here to assist you for as long as you want. We treat every project like it would be our own, offering our input and solutions with the aim in providing you with great value at a very reasonable price.