Give Away Games on Facebook

10 things to consider

Are give away games on Facebook a good idea and are they suitable for all companies?

Not everybody agrees on the effectiveness of Facebook give away games, some love them while others think they are a real pain. In this article we will briefly discuss the pros and cons of these games.

Basically, give way games are a great way for companies to reach many people on Facebook without paying for distribution, but their setup and framework are very important in terms of success. This also depends on the type of product are being marketed, luxury products are for example not very suitable for Facebook give away games.

Facebook games can also be a good indirect way to build a so-called “social proof” where you can invite those that participate to like your Facebook page.

What should be kept in mind when setting up a Facebook game?

Is the prize exciting enough?

It can be a lot more effective to make one big prize than many smaller ones, but it depends a bit on how valuable and exciting the prize is.

Is the message clear?

Don´t have the game too complicated or long. Only a small percentage of people read long texts to the end, so keep the main points in mind. Do not ask for more than two actions on the part of the participants in each game, preferably just one.

Do not put the game in the Facebook advertising system?

Facebook games are no longer a good way to get people to like your site, because if that is the purpose of the game then you would have to put it in their advertising system, but it goes against their rules.

Give a relevant prize?

If you possibly can, have the prize something you sell yourself to maximize your ad value.

Let the lifetime of the game be reasonable

It is our opinion that about one week is a reasonable lifespan of Facebook games. If they are much shorter then you are not always getting a good enough distribution and if they are much longer then people lose interest and fewer participate than otherwise. But it also depends a bit on the size of the winnings.

Are the participants an interesting target group for you?

There is always a certain group of people who are ready to participate in all the games but this is not necessarily an interesting target group for your business. You want to reach people who are likely to buy your product or are interested in your business. That is why quality is more important here than quantity, as so often in life.

Monitor the game

Correct it (make it clearer) if many participants are not doing what you asked for and put some money into the distribution of the game if it is not getting a good distribution. Keep in mind, however, that Facebook’s rules do not allow advertisements for games where you ask the site people to like or follow your business page.

Attach a catchy image to the post

Images is what grabs the attention much more than the text, put work into the image you publish with the game and try to have it as catchy as possible.

Do not have text too sales-oriented

Facebook games are not direct ads so do not have the text too sales-oriented because then the game loses its mark.

Market to the participants

Take advantage of the target audience that is interested in your product and place ads for that group.

We hope that this blog was useful and that you enjoyed the read.

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