Social Media

Did you know that less than 6% of your followers see what you post on your wall on your facebook business page?

Many people make the mistake of focusing on quantity rather than quality. The goal should always be to maximize the engagement rate rather than the number of posts.

The advantage of facebook is that if you have interesting content, it simply gets a better distribution than standard daily posts where people like, comment or even share the post if they like it and then the snowball effect starts to work.

Strategy & Goals

We help companies formulate a policy on their social media and we provide as much service as our customers want, it can range from consulting to full management of the company’s social media and everything in between.

Content & Publications

We produce interesting content in collaboration with our customers and publish it according to a pre-determined plan so that our partners can preview content and approve it before it is published.

Higher Engagement Rate

We can ensure that your social media stays alive by regularly posting well-designed and interesting content on your media that promotes higher engagement rates. 

Measurements & Reports

We produce monthly performance reports with key figures and comparisons with previous periods. The report shows important information about where it is best to publish, which posts are most popular, etc.

We make it interesting

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