Marketing Channels

There are many difference possibilities when it comes to marketing, the main marketing channels used today are:

  • SEO / Search Engine Optimisation – So people find you on Google etc.
  • PPC (Pay per Clicks) Google & Facebook ads
  • Marketing / ads through popular travel sites
  • Ads in printed media
  • Disribution of flyers
  • Co-operation / partnership with re-sellers through booking systems like Bó
  • Short videos on youtube & social media
  • Team up with influencial people (Popular bloggers etc.)
  • Visability on social media (establising social proof)
  • Conferences & networking
  • Distribution of interesting content & blog writing

With so many options on offer, it can be tricky to find out what works well and what does not work at all. Should you focus on 1-2 option and really master them or is it better to do a little bit of everything? The answer is not straight forward, what works well for one type of business might not necessarily work for another. That is where we can really make a difference.

Marketing Plan

At Basic we provide a personal service when it comes to doing a marketing plan, we analyse the business which enables us to take an informed decision on what works best for your company. Once a marketing plan has been completed it is very important to follow it and measure everything that can be measured. If you don’t analyze the data your progress is always going to be a guessing game. We also provide advice on individual marketing channels and we can review an existing marketing plan/strategy. We offer of course complete discretion and confidentiality in all of our work for our clients.

Marketing Plan

 Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are more often than not a part of a holistic marketing plan of a company. However it can also be added on to the marketing plan at a later stage. The reasons behind starting a marketing campaign can vary, a company may need to react to a sudden change in the market,  it may want to improve or maintain their image or simply make it more public.  Another reason can be that a company wants to increase sales through discounts or games during low season. Marketing plans should always be live documents and should be regularly reviewed so that a company can easily revise the plan, ad new marketing campaigns with short notice.

Marketing Campaign