How do you get your followers to show you more interest?

The short answer is; be original, creative, inspiring, funny and informative. If you want to know more,, keep reading.

Social media is a great way to reach potential customers, if it is done right. However, it is a fact that for a large number of companies, they are a time thief that returns them limited results.

When Facebook rates your business page, they value average engagement rate more than the number of followers you have. Therefore, our number one advise to clients when it comes to organic social media posting is to focus on quality rather than quantity. The rule of thumb here is, post as often that you can post, quality posts!

Did you know that only about 6% of your followers on average (even less on larger sites) see your posts on their wall? In light of this, you really need to make an effort to maximize your engagement rate on your posts. Engagement rate is the percentage of followers who share, comment, or like the post you publish. Clicks and tagging also count in engagement rate calculations.

The problem is that people are inundated with Facebook posts (have you noticed, they never run out) so naturally people are going to be selective of what posts they engage with. Therefore, it is good to keep in mind when gathering social proof (minimum amount of likes and followers acceptable to society) to target an audience who are likely to be interested in your company or brand.

So, what can you do to gain more attention? You got to make your posts interesting, funny, or informative so that your selected 6% (by Facebook algorithm) care and are ready to share (engage) your posts. Think of the snowball effect. Remember people are self-centred creatures and are much more likely to engage with content that makes them look good, clever, or funny!

There is nothing for free in the world of business, so you either got to put in the work and be creative or pay Facebook to circulate your post in their advertisement system. Even then quality matters as Facebook rewards advertisers of quality content with better reach, which means lower advertisement prices. We see this time and time again in our work.

Don´t fill your wall with posts about your shipments or special offers. Sharing original, funny, inspirational, or educational content on your Facebook page is a great way to get people to interact with your posts. Think of the tone of voice that you want to set and be brave. Remember, fortune favours the brave, not those that play it safe.

Those who are brave or a little bold on social media simply get more attention for their posts than those who always follow the safe path. Be aware of having to delete posts if you are getting a lot of negative feedback. You can also hide individual comments that are inappropriate.

Focus on videos if you possibly can. Video content has a much higher engagement rates on average then photos and text. Don´t waste your time on posting boring posts every day and start creating great content. Every time you share a post you should ask yourself; would I engage with that post!

Measure your performance, look at the posts that have the best engagement and learn from them, also study what your competitors both domestically and abroad are doing and learn from it. Learning from data and other (competitors) is simply a great way to gain competitive advantage.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to strategy, so therefore we cannot dictate to you what strategy suits your company or brand best. This of course differs between sectors and company types, taking the skill sets within each company into account.

It is very common for companies to put a lot of effort into keeping Facebook pages alive and fresh in the belief that it is paying off. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. The data (measurements) are always the best way to evaluate results, and the engagement rate clearly tells you how enthusiastic your followers are about the content you are publishing.

The main things to keep in mind to improve your Facebook performance