Bjargráðakerfið Björg

We worked on the website in collaboration with the executive team of the Bjargar Rescue System (Skills System), which is a user-friendly system for emotional management. The system is designed to support people of various ages and with different skills and maturity to manage their emotions. It helps people to be aware of their situation […]

Stefán Máni

As most people know, Stefán Mani is one of Iceland’s most respected crime fiction writers. We created his new website to support the translation and marketing of his books in the United States. It isa simple and stylish information page in English. The site was built in the WordPress CMS like most of our websites […]

Gloría Kaffihús

Gloría is a new relaxing cafe located in the heart of Mosfellsbær that offers a selection of drinksand nice light dishes. The website is hosted by Basic and we take care of their marketing.

Harpa Yachts

The founders and owners of Harpa Yachts have been in tourism since 1998 and are pioneers inwhale watching in Reykjavík. In 2023, it was decided to sharpen the lines for the Harpa Yachtsbrand and was making a new website part of that project. The website is also hosted by Basic and we also manage digital […]

Forsetinn Café

A stylish information page in English and Icelandic for Forsetinn Café, which is located in the center of Reykjavík and offers homemade food and a cozy atmosphere. The site is built in the WordPress CMS, like most of our websites.


We are a proud partner of Sumac and help them with web and marketing. These include digital marketing campaigns, web management and production of marketing materials. We have shot several videos and tons of photographs for advertising and social media. We created a new website for Sumac focusing on capturing the atmosphere of the place […]


Hrafnshóll develops affordable housing solutions and specializes in building housing in the countryside. We built a stylish and cool information page for the company that contains projects and all their details. We also designed the logo for the company.


Shalom is a holistic treatment center that offers individual treatments, courses and lectures. We designed and launched a website that contains all the main information about the center and the treatments it offers. During the design of the website, we wanted to portray the atmosphere of the living room, which is calming and comfortable, the […]

Metal Equipped

Metal Equipped specializes in the production and sale of fire resistant socks to professionals worldwide. We successfully designed and built a new website for the company in 2022.

Tripguide Iceland

Tripguide Iceland is a travel agency specializing in resale trips to foreign tourists in Iceland. We designed the company’s brand and made a stylish and user -friendly WordPress website for them with API connection to the booking system booking. The project was very successful and we continue to work with the company on search engine […]