Hybrd is a new brand that sells gym equipment and accessories specializing in Crossfit. They were looking for a modern website, with a clean look and easy to use. We also did some photoshoots for their branding and products, which captured their strength, energy and dynamism.

Mountaineers of Iceland

Our cameraman went up to Langjökull to record material for cool videos. The weather wasn’t really playing with us that day so we had to go back. But the most important thing is that the result is something really nice. This was a fun and challenging project.


We are a proud partner of Sumac and help them with web and marketing. These include digital marketing campaigns, web management and production of marketing materials. We have shot several videos and tons of photographs for advertising and social media. We created a new website for Sumac focusing on capturing the atmosphere of the place […]

Royal Iceland

We created a promotional video for Royal Iceland. The project was launched on Bára SH-27, which operates out of Stykkishólmi and hunts sea urchins. The video was made in three lengths and is intended for presentation to partners and potential buyers. Great results despite the challenging conditions when shooting at sea.

Adrenalín Park

We produced a promotional video for the Adrenalín Park at Nesjarvellir. The project was fun and challenging but everyone had a great time.