Content marketing

Write interesting stuff that people relate to

Why is content marketing important?

The goal of content marketing is usually to increase website traffic. In this article, we will look at good practices and the things that should be avoided when writing articles for marketing purposes.

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to marketing through content publications is that quality always beats quantity. It’s not enough to focus on the correct spelling and layout, the topic needs to be interesting and well written.

It makes a lot more sense to write four quality articles a year than to post one article a day to maintain the freshness of social media or a website. There are no shortcuts here, as quality material is in the vast majority of cases the result of a great deal of research work. If content is king than google is the army and dictates whether your content is worth your readers. Google mainly looks at three things.

Is your content relevant?

In this context, it means that if a google user enters a particular keyword or question into the search engine, is your article answering the question being asked? It is therefore a good idea to research carefully what people are looking for on google.

Once you have decided what you are going to write about, there are various tools that can help you in your research work such as and but these tools can be expensive.

You do not need to over complicate things, take advantage of the google search and familiarize yourself with the articles that appear at the top and see what related searches appear with your keyword. Also, Keyword Planner in Google Ads is a very good tool for finding good keywords for your article.

Is your article good enough so people will share it?

This is a key element, landing pages with interesting articles are shared and some of them can go viral. That people are willing to share your article without getting paid for it tells google that the article is good. Then the question is, what content are people willing to share and why?

Research has shown that about 30% are likely to share emotional content, about 20-25% funny content and about 20% educational material. The reason for sharing is actually very simple, people are willing to share the content that makes it look good, we are the vast majority of any creatures who want to grow in the opinion of others and if we find any content online that we believe contributes to it , then we share.

Is your article compelling enough for people?

It matters how much time people take to read your article, because if there is a high bounce rate of people who come to your site and bounce back immediately, then google gets the message that the content is not interesting enough. It is important to have a catchy headline and that the beginning of the article give the reader a good insight into the content of the article.


The basis for good article writing lies in the research work. A good starting point is to think about questions such as what, where and how. Too many people guess what topics people find interesting or base their articles on a sense of what people want to read about.

Carefully consider the format of the article. Research has shown that the best three article formats are

a) lists – top 10 something ….

b) Expert advice “100 marketing experts agree on …”

c) Guide “Gain a competitive advantage through content marketing” ….

A common mistake that marketers make is to think that Google wants the content to be either very short or long and exaggerated. Another myth is that google wants a lot of fresh content.

Just remember to answer the question you started out with in an interesting and clear way. Then get the opinion of others before you put your masterpiece in the digital world where readers can lift you to the highest heights or tear you apart and everything in between.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that content marketing and search engine optimization are closely related and difficult to discuss without mentioning the other. There are many technical things that are important when it comes to SEO, but the most important part and the cornerstone of success in search engine optimization is good content.

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